COVID-19: Digitally certified travelers will no longer comply with EU travel restrictions

As of this Tuesday, travelers traveling to digitally certified European community sites no longer have to comply with any extraordinary control measures to control the Govt-19 epidemic. This means that there is no need to provide a negative test or isolation. In Portugal, the measure should only be implemented from February 9th.

The measurement was Recognized by all member states of the European Union (EU) and wants to facilitate the movement of people between the countries of the community. In this way, the restrictions are applied on a regional basis and The vaccination status of each passenger is now taken into account. Countries where events outside this norm are considered the most common.

On the recommendation of the European Union, this move May not be implemented in all countries at the same time. In Portugal, SIC Notícias has advanced the easing of entry restrictions, according to ANA Aeroportos. To be held from February 9th. In addition, travelers must inform themselves of the rules in force in each country in which they travel.

Digital certifications starting this Tuesday Valid for nine months, From the completion of the primary vaccine – the second dose or single dose. This term Booster does not apply to vaccination certificates.

Keep in mind that in the digital certificate, the citizen has a complete immunization against Govt-19, which can confirm that he has recovered from the disease or has been tested negative for the new corona virus.

The The UK will also implement Similar model to the EUIs due to come into effect from February 11.

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Experts predict that most Europeans will acquire natural immunity by contact with the virus or develop immunity through vaccination. For this reason, there are already several member states Announced the removal of existing restrictions and barriers.

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