Chisinau Summit. Zelensky is NATO member in July, EU member in fall

Zelensky, who attended the summit in person, emphasized that “this year is for making decisions.” “In the summer, at the NATO summit in Vilnius, members should issue a clarion call to Ukraine and demand security guarantees on the path to NATO membership.”.

The leader also said Ukraine’s hopes of joining NATO rested on “the unity of the entire alliance.” Kiev made sure to work towards that goal. “Our future lies in the European Union. Ukraine is ready to join NATO,” he added.

On Twitter, the Ukrainian president called for joining the Atlantic alliance in July. Such as joining the EU in the autumn.

“The limits of security in Europe are, in fact, the limits of our resolve, the limits of our ability to unite in the interests of our people and the whole of Europe,” declared Zelensky.

The President of Ukraine insisted All countries bordering Russia must be members of the European Union and NATOMoscow “only tries to swallow up those outside this common security”.

“When there are no guarantees of security, there are only guarantees of war,” he asserted.

On Wednesday, in Bratislava (Slovakia), French President Emmanuel Macron asked EU enlargement “as soon as possible”. Diplomatic sources contacted by Reuters said the reports were a sign that Paris, so far cautious, would support Ukraine and Moldova’s EU accession talks, which could start later this year.

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Kyiv hosts “Peace Summit”.

In his speech today, Zelensky said Ukraine was organizing a “peace summit” to discuss criteria for ending the war, but had not yet set a date, and that Kiev was still trying to bring more countries to the table.

“We are preparing for a peace summit. Guide the world majority to implement a collective peace formula, which is a universal requirement. The time has come, doubts should be removed.”

The President of Ukraine concluded by saying “clearly” that only a strong air defense with modern patriotic fighters can defeat Russian terrorism.

The summit of 27 member states and 20 other European countries was held in Chisinau, Moldova, 20 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. The location was chosen as a symbol.

Report on Telejornal, June 1, 2023

“Our meeting today in Moldova carries enormous weight. The country borders Ukraine, where the Russian threat is clear.Danish President Mark Rutte announced.

Like Moldova, Ukraine has been a candidate for EU membership since June 2022. Maya Sandu, a pro-Western leader whose relations with Russia have been strained since the invasion of Ukraine, has pushed for Moldova’s accession talks. Soon in the EU.

In addition to the war in Ukraine and accession to the European Union and NATO, European leaders discussed topics such as: Rising ethnic tensions in Kosovo and efforts for lasting peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Partners finalize the “joint position”.
At the end of Thursday’s summit, the Portuguese prime minister said NATO allies were finalizing a “common position” on Ukraine’s future in the Atlantic alliance.

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“Allies are working to prepare for the next Vilnius Summit, and currently, It is too early to say what position they will take. There will be no individual posts, there will be collective status We participate, we participate in the creation of this joint position,” Antonio Costa told reporters.

Emphasizing that the issue of Ukraine’s integration with NATO “will not arise for now”, the head of government said, “After the end of the military offensive, the best way to guarantee a just and lasting peace depends on what depends on it. The negotiation of peace terms”.

“Unexpectedly, We are still a long way from that situation“, the prime minister went on to say he still regrets the “very violent attacks against Kiev” recorded this Thursday.

Asked about Portuguese support for Ukraine, Antonio Costa said that “Portugal has sent a lot of military equipment of various natures” in line with its “capabilities and availability”.

β€œIn terms of coalition building, a multilateral platform […] Air combat capability includes many nations, What we have available and where we participate is in training activities, [enquanto] Others will participate at other levels,” he enumerated.

The move comes after Portugal said last week it would train Ukrainian pilots in the use of F-16 fighter jets.

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