Bruce Arianes: ‘I would probably still be a coach’ if Tom Brady hadn’t come out of retirement


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers It was unusual. Shortly after they lost the play-off to the final champion Los Angeles rams, retired quarterback start. Less than six weeks later, Tom Brady is not finished. Two weeks later, Bruce Aryan announced that he was stepping down as head coach and moving to a position in the front office, while the Boss family appointed Todd Bowles as their new head coach.

According to Arianes, he likely wouldn’t step down if Brady didn’t come back.

“I was going the other way. I was thinking he wouldn’t play,” said Arians, for every Tampa Bay Times. “I was thinking who would we get? Who wants to trade? There was no one to draft. That was obvious. I, for the audience, was fine with the two we had: Blaine (Gabber) and Kyle (Trask). Because I saw Blaine win With a good team behind him. If Tom hadn’t come back, I would probably still be training. I couldn’t give Todd that attitude.”

Arians has previously stated that he’d rather leave the Bulls in a good position to start his second shot at a header training opportunity, rather than one where he didn’t have the greatest midfielder of all time under his center position. He has spoken about the importance of a succession plan and giving opportunities to black coaches like the Bulls, as well as female coaches and other minority coaches. But this statement is as frank as it is obvious.

Even if he was stuck in this season, the Arians wouldn’t be around for much longer. The former coach will turn 70 in October, and for him, it was a sign that it was time to hang up the holster.

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“It was 90 percent that (this) year would be my last, anyway,” Arianes said. “Seventy will be it.”

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