Bitcoin Heads to 36K, According to Analysis Amid Warning That Global Stocks ‘Look Too Expensive’

Bitcoin (BTC) headed lower to the weekly close on March 6 with geopolitical tensions and associated overall weakness in focus.

BTC/USD 1-day candle chart (Bitstamp). Source: TradingView

Could 2022 lead to a ‘Greater Depression’?

information from Cointelegraph Markets Pro And the TradingView BTC/USD showed that it reached its lowest levels in more than a week on Sunday after the overnight return of volatility.

The pair was in the process of testing $38,000 support at the time of writing, with three-day losses approaching 12%.

Despite the “off-hours” trading environment, the trend was clearly bearish for the largest cryptocurrency, as the mood in global stocks fluctuated among analysts.

Holger Schepitz, a market commentator warned in a day.

“Economists have lowered their growth forecasts and raised inflation expectations. Global equities are now worth $110 trillion, equivalent to 130% of global GDP, which seems expensive for the current situation.”

In the event of a larger correction for TradFi, the already shaky crypto market could do just as badly, some argue – at least initially.

The famous merchant and analyst Bentoshi even went so far as to predict a repeat of the global meltdown, which caused the Great Depression 90 years ago.

But some well-known critics took a completely different position. In its latest release Crypto Market Outlook Report On March 4, Bloomberg Intelligence remained bullish on Bitcoin and Ether (ETH).

“Most assets are subject to a turning tide in 2022, against the backdrop of the inevitable return to the highest rate of inflation in four decades, but this year could mark another milestone for Bitcoin,” the statement read.

“If risk assets do not decline and some price pressures reduce, inflation measures are likely to remain strong, leaving central banks few options but to raise interest rates more aggressively.”

$36,000 Support May Intervene for BTC

With fear continuing to dominate in the short term, Bitcoin expectations carried few bullish signals, with an eye on the continuation of the current trading range.

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“Bitcoin is at a critical level,” said Jan Allemann and Jan Abel, co-founders of on-chain analytics firm Glassnode, Summarization While presenting the latest issue of the “Uncharted” newsletter.

“The RSI is oversold and heading higher. If the price fails to break above $40K, we go down to support. Support: $34-$36K, Resistance: $43-$45K.”

BTC/USD chart with RSI. Source: Negentropic / Twitter

The accompanying graphic showed how good the historical value of BTC/USD was at current prices and interconnected relationship Between RSI bottoms and price reversals.