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Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew are some of the public figures named in a batch of court documents filed by Virginia Guifre against Ghislaine Maxwell, the partner of Jeffrey Epstein, the sex abuser who died in a prison cell in 2019. In New York. Hundreds of pages of documents were made public Wednesday night, days after Judge Loretta Bresca ended judicial secrecy regarding most of their content, naming more than a hundred names. Other documents may be released in the coming weeks pending a decision on appeals filed by two of the targeted individuals.

Mentioning names does not necessarily indicate the cause of the offences. More than a hundred people were named in interrogatories, pleadings, letters and other proceedings as part of a civil suit filed against Maxwell, accused of facilitating the crimes by one of Epstein's victims of sexual abuse. The process culminated in an agreement between the parties in 2017 that did not prevent Ghislaine Maxwell from being sentenced to 20 years in prison for coercing and soliciting victims for her ex-partner in criminal proceedings.

In the now-released documents, Bill Clinton is mentioned more than 50 times, most of which refer to the former US president's numerous trips on Epstein's private plane. The former head of state reportedly returned to his former manager several times after leaving the White House to travel abroad as part of his philanthropic work, which is already common knowledge.

Clinton has never been accused of any wrongdoing in the Epstein case, and has always denied knowledge of any wrongdoing by the former banker, a claim not contradicted by the now-disclosed documents. However, a statement from another of Epstein's victims, Johanna Sjoberg, appears to refer to Clinton: “He [Epstein] He once told me that Clinton liked him anew.” It is confirmed that the two men maintained a close relationship at one point, which later ended. “Nearly 20 years have passed since President Clinton had last contact with Epstein,” a representative for the former head of state reiterated on CNN this evening.

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Another name mentioned repeatedly in the documents is, unsurprisingly, that of Prince Andrew, a member of the British royal family. One of the allegations was previously reported that Andre touched Sjoberg inappropriately at a party at Epstein's home. In 2022, the prince reached a settlement with Giuffre, ending another lawsuit in which he claimed he was sexually abused when he was 17. Isabel II's son always denied any wrongdoing.

Other figures accused by Virginia Guevre include ex-ambassador and ex-governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson (died in 2023), French modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel (who committed suicide in 2022 while awaiting trial for child rape) and manager Glen Dubin. Maxwell orders her to have sex. Based on these documents, it is not clear whether the targets had sexual relations or whether they committed any crime.

Without being implicated in any impropriety, the names of musician Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, and illusionist David Copperfield have also been found by witnesses in Epstein's estate.

Donald Trump has also been mentioned as an acquaintance of Epstein in the public domain, but here with Sjoberg, he has openly stated that he was never touched by the former North American president, who is not a criminal suspect in the case.

In the more than 900-page document, the name of Jimmy Kimmel, a television host accused by New York Jets American football star Aaron Rodgers, is not on the list of people close to Epstein. Kimmel denied ever meeting the manager and threatened to sue Rodgers.

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Epstein was once a wealth manager close to presidents, millionaires, artists and other world figures Jet set International, in 2005, the year he was arrested in Florida on suspicion of paying for sex with a 14-year-old girl. He spent only 13 months in open prison in that first case, but a similar proliferation of suspicions and press scrutiny followed Miami Herald Years later, they would uncover a vast scandal involving the trafficking and prostitution of minors involving Epstein, his partner Ghislaine Maxwell as a lawyer, and clients with high economic and media power.

Epstein committed suicide in his jail cell while awaiting trial in 2019. Maxwell was eventually sentenced to 20 years in prison. The contours of this scandal involving mansions and private jets and led by a man with connections to the international elite continue to fuel the newspaper pages and many conspiracy theories.

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