Back to the Soviet Union? Putin wants party member to rescind Lithuania’s declaration of independence – Observer

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This is an extraordinary project that can show Russia’s intentions in the Baltics. Yevgeny Fedorov, a member of United Russia, the party of Russian President Vladimir Putin, introduced a bill in the lower house of parliament (Duma) on Wednesday. Withdrawal of Lithuania’s independenceThe country gained autonomy from the Soviet Union in 1990.

Member of the Duma, according to the Lithuanian state channel LRT Clarifies Lithuania has not held any referendum on independence from the Soviet Union, and there has been no period of change in which matters relating to its independence have been discussed. As the legal representative of the Soviet Union, The Russia therefore has the right to “regulate relations” that affect the current situation.

Currently, Evgeny Fedorov Points The Baltic state cannot be a member of NATOMoscow grants status to Lithuania because it does not allow “legal entities” to join the military alliance.

Lithuania was the first former Soviet republic to declare independence in 1990, but USSR troops attempted to overthrow the Lithuanian government and officially left the country three years later.

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This is not the first time this has happened. In 2015, Yevgeny Fedorov already introduced a similar bill against Lithuania’s independence, saying that recognition at the time was unconstitutional.

As one of the countries opposing the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Russia’s border in the Kaliningrad region, Lithuania described Russia as a “terrorist” state and accused Moscow of committing genocide in Ukrainian territory.

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