“At age 14, he told me he would not suffer anymore and that he was going to be a footballer in the first division.”


Maria, the mother of Inaki and Nico Williams, talks about the lives of her children as they share the dressing room and shine in Athletic Bilbao.

Nico and Inaki Williams are two brothers, they share a dressing room in Athletic Bilbao and are in good standing on the Basque team. The first, the youngest, started appearing this season (he already has 23 games) and scored the winning goal against Atletico de Madrid on Thursday, counting to the semi-finals of the Spanish Super Cup; One of the club’s second, oldest and greatest figures in recent years, has had a good season. Of the two, Mother Maria is “very proud”.

In an interview with Marca, the mother of the Spanish strikers talked about her childhood moment and her difficult past.

“At the age of two, Inaki already celebrated athletic goals with the shirt his godfather gave him. I already knew I was going to be a football player. This is the situation. But you have to support your kids when they start.

“Inaki is very proud of his brother’s first goal in the Super Cup. I’m so proud of both of them. I started to cry, Nico, he always supported him. Nico listens to him for advice and Nico,” he said of the brothers’ relationship.

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