Amazon drops AirPods 2 and Pro prices, starting at just $99 today

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Sarah Teo / CNET

AirPods are among the most famous Earbuds on the market now…which is probably how Apple managed to avoid its price drop at all. But if you’re looking for a pair of these true wireless headphones at an below-list price, you’re in luck. Right now, Amazon has deals on all generations of AirPods available (so, except for the discontinued first generation) with up to 38% off. There is no clear expiration for these price dips, so they can fluctuate anytime in the coming days (or even hours). If you are hoping to get a pair at the current price, we recommend acting sooner rather than later.

while the AirPods 2 Not the latest model on the market, hmm Make a very compelling case Great sound quality, 24 hours of listening time and an Apple H1 chip, the same used in the newer AirPods 3. Especially when you can get it for just $99, $60 less than the list price, and $70 less than 3G. .

The AirPods 3 It offers some improvements over its predecessors, including longer battery life, spatial audio, and an adaptive EQ. It’s on sale now for $170, but that’s only a tiny $9 off the regular price.

With current offers, it’s much better to spend an extra $4 (yes, only $4) and upgrade to AirPods Pro. Apple’s most advanced earbuds yet, AirPods Pro are the only pair that offer active noise-canceling capabilities and have silicone tips to fit your ear more tightly and comfortably. Right now, you can get it for just $174, which is $75 off the price of Apple directly. And if you’re a serious acoustics lover, Apple’s Ears trumps immersive Hi-Fi sound, AirPods MaxIt’s on sale for as low as $479, a $70 savings over the Apple Store price.

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