A woman has died in England after drinking too much water

UIn May 2021, a 45-year-old woman died in England. Michelle Whitehead’s husband believes she would have been alive if she had been better monitored by the medical team.

Michael Whitehead was admitted to a psychiatric unit after suffering a nervous breakdown, the BBC reported. While he was at the clinic, he started drinking too much water and slipped into a coma, but the medical team realized it only when it was too late.

The health department acknowledged several failures in Michelle’s treatment and apologized to the family. The monitoring of the patient was “inadequate” because “staff were distracted by the use of cellphones”, the health department admitted, despite a ban on the use of electronic devices in the ward.

“When Michelle fell asleep, the group must have sensed something was wrong,” the victim’s husband told the court. The man believes the woman’s life could have been saved if help had been provided sooner.

“She was an incredible person and the last days of her life were not representative of who she was,” lamented the man, who was married to her for 22 years and had two children.

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