A peaceful solution? “Ukraine only asks for surrender and complies with Russian ultimatum”

oh Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, said on Saturday that a “peaceful solution” for Ukraine would mean capitulation and submission to the “Russian ultimatum” after 423 days of “bloody war”.

“When one talks about a ‘peaceful solution,’ Ukraine only asks for ‘surrender, surrender, fulfill the Russian ultimatum.'” After 423 days of bloody war, that is impossible.The social network began by mentioning Volodymyr Zelensky’s adviser on Twitter.

In the release, Podoliak said the Russian invasion of Ukraine was “a war of destruction planned by the Russian Federation and not a mythical ‘conflict’.”

And he assured: “There is no room for a ‘deal'”.

The need to find a “peaceful solution” has been defended by several countries with ambivalent positions on Russian aggression, including China and, more recently, Brazil.

This Saturday, Brazilian President Lula da Silva again called for the creation of a “group of countries” dedicated to “building peace.” If everyone is at war, who is going to talk peace? Who is going to talk to governments at war?” He asked in an interview with RTP.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia began on February 24, 2022 and, according to Vladimir Putin, was aimed at “destroying” and militarizing Ukraine for Russia’s protection. The move was widely condemned by the international community.

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The UN confirmed that more than 8,000 civilians died and 14,000 were injured in the fighting, although the actual numbers are likely to be much higher and can only be known during access to fenced areas or intense fighting.

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