A highly technological war: How Ukraine (with help from the West) is standing up to a fearsome Russian army

Old men are trained with guns, civilians are learning how to make Molotov cocktails, and thousands of people are hiding in metro stations or fleeing to the borders. When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, these were the first images that reached us. David really seemed to face Goliath, but, as in the myth, the fate of defeat would take a long time to fulfill.

At the beginning of the war Russia had what was considered Second most powerful army in the world (Behind America) A summary of a CBC article. For every defender, there were more than four invaders. There were 1328 Russian aircraft to 146 Ukrainian aircraft. About 5,000 armored vehicles serving in Kiev faced 31,000 under Moscow’s orders.

So Russian superiority was evident in almost every parameter. So how can one explain the impasse we see after a year?

Pedro Marquês de Sousa says Ukraine’s regression has “surprised” even analysts. Over time, some sources of information were opened up. Although he reinforces that “History [deste conflito] Tomorrow”, he believes there are already some clues to what happened in the past year.

“Usually it looks like a conventional war in the films we have seen, but this war has a great technical basis”Guarantees retired Army Lt. Col. It is precisely this “invisible situation” that makes “all the difference” in Ukraine.

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