16-year-old Sakshi was stabbed to death on a street in New Delhi. No one helped

Crime in India is creating a new wave

A 16-year-old boy was brutally murdered in the middle of the street in New Delhi, India, without anyone stopping the attack or calling the authorities. The girl was identified by her as Sakshi The TribuneHe was stabbed more than 20 times on a busy street last Sunday.

The crime has created new outrage and concern about the safety of women and the violence they are subjected to.

The footage of the attack, which lasted about one and a half minutes, was captured on surveillance cameras. Many people are seen passing by the scene where the aggressor violently assaults the victim. Only one person approached the assailant and tried to pull him away, but he quickly retreated.

On Monday, police arrested a suspect. Sahil, a 20-year-old mechanic, was arrested in Bulandshahr, Deputy Commissioner of Police Ravi Kumar Singh said.

Speaking to Times Now, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police Deependra Pathak said the probe pointed to a “crime of passion”. According to The Tribune and other local media, Sahil and the victim were in a relationship but had an argument. While shopping for a friend’s son’s birthday party, Sakshi is attacked.

The victim’s father, Janak Raj, told reporters, “I saw my daughter lying down. CNN, added: “It annoys me that no one is helping my daughter. If they had helped her, she would have been alive. I also heard that passers-by were busy filming the incident. They would have helped my daughter even if she had just screamed.”

India has a long history of crimes against women – murder and rape. The incident has again sparked debate: Is enough being done to ensure women’s safety and punish the perpetrators?

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “A boy has been brutally murdered in Delhi. “It is very sad and upsetting. “Criminals have become fearless, they are not afraid of the police,” he pointed out.

According to Yogita Payana, founder of People Against Rape in India, the problem is rooted in ancient social norms. “We have learned to live with this kind of situation, which is regrettable,” the activist pointed out CNN. “Putting cameras and police on the streets is not enough. “Work must be done at the level of mentality of men and boys,” he argued.

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