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Icebreaker Anatomica Boxers

£35 www.uk.icebreaker.com

These boxers are straightforward in their cut, which takes a standard, loose-fitting approach. There’s no fly here and the elasticated hem is comfortable without having any remarkable features to comment upon. The fabric is 83 per cent merino wool, but that’s been blended with 12 per cent nylon and 5 per cent lycra. The result is successful, as there’s no itch to speak of, the stretch is admirable and I’ve found them to be less quick to dampen than pure merino options. Consequently they make a good choice for an general-use pair of outdoor underwear, with walking, trekking and camping being their most obvious applications (merino having the wonderful quality of being naturally antimicrobial, so they won’t pong on days two, three and beyond). There’s less support in the crotch than with a brief, so you might want something a little more cosseting for high energy sports, but these would also function well as everyday underwear so they represent a great purchase in that sense.

VERDICT: A no-frills merino boxer that’ll be just as at home in the hills as the office.

BEST FOR: Everyday use.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel