Chaos at UK airports: National IT failure at root

All major airports in the country have confirmed problems at immigration zones

In a case that is causing confusion in the country, several UK airports have confirmed a problem with the electronic system.

London’s Stansted and Gatwick confirmed the problem was related to electronic passport control gates, and Heathrow, the country’s largest airport in the capital, also confirmed similar problems.

A Heathrow spokeswoman confirmed that “Border Patrol is dealing with a national issue affecting passengers trying to cross the border,” adding that officers are working at full speed to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

It’s a complicated situation that has reached Manchester, for example, where the airport reported a major failure due to the national blackout.

“Some passengers may experience delays at immigration due to the national border issue,” Gadwick confirmed, adding that its staff are assisting all those affected.

For now, there are several videos on social media showing the long queues and hardships of commuters.

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