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Firefighters are trying to put out a fire following an explosion in Kyiv on Thursday, the same day the United Nations chief visited.

Emilio Morenati/AFP

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Emilio Morenati/AFP

Firefighters are trying to put out a fire following an explosion in Kyiv on Thursday, the same day the United Nations chief visited.

Emilio Morenati/AFP

As Thursday draws to a close in Kyiv and Moscow, here are the main developments for the day:

Two explosions rocked the city of Kyiv during the visit of the head of the United Nations to the city. Ukrainian officials said Russian missiles At least one person was killed and many injuredshortly after the appearance of United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres Wander around the capital. The attack came weeks after the withdrawal of Russian forces from Kyiv and some residents started to come back.

Russian forces are making “slow, irregular and increasing” progress in the Donbass region of eastern UkraineAnd According to the Pentagon. Some Russian forces have begun to withdraw from Mariupol, likely to fight inland, a senior US defense official said, but many troops remain in the besieged port city and air strikes continue. The Pentagon also said that more than half of the 90 howitzers promised to Ukraine by the United States have arrived in the country. The United States is training Ukrainian forces To use long-range weapons.

The White House is asking Congress 33 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine, It will run until September 30th As a permanent guarantee of support. Most of the request – $20 billion – is for military and security assistance. This includes plans to send weapons to Ukraine, replenish US arms stocks, and provide cybersecurity and other support in the region. President Biden also wants a way to support Ukraine With the proceeds of the seizure of American property associated with Russian oligarchs.

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Lawmakers in the Canadian House of Commons voted unanimously to recognize Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide. Advertisement is not binding The Canadian government is not being asked to take any action, but supporters hope it will pressure Canada’s leaders to ramp up economic and other pressures on Russia.


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Previous Developments

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