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If on the Ukrainian side of the trench There are four foot soldiers who detect landminesOn the Russian side are paddle mammals controlling the waters of the Black Sea, ready to repel enemy divers.

The host, a four-legged warrior of the Ukrainian army, has already discovered more than 150 Russian mines.

US Navy (USNI) Analyzed Satellite images of the port of Sevastopol in the Crimea – which has been occupied by Russia since 2014 – and He concluded that there were two boxes with dolphins trained by the Russian military Since February, The month the war began. The reason? It may be to protect the navy there from a possible underwater attack by Ukrainian forces.

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Accordingly With the analysis of USNI, Ships anchored at Sevastopol The main point of the Russian Navy – the missile is located out of range, however, “Susceptible to Underwater Destruction”.

Turning these animals into defensive artillery, which was already far from the Soviet Union, developed a dolphin training unit to detect underwater weapons based in Kazakhstan Bukta, which still exists today. The collapse plan of the Soviet Union was transferred into the hands of the Ukrainian military, which did not implement it, and in 2014, With the annexation of CrimeaReturned to the control of the Russian Navy.

Two years later, in 2016, the Agencies-France Press Reported Moscow’s plans to buy five dolphins “Perfect Teeth and Killer Intuition”, Starting the bidding process for the contract worth 1.75 million rubles (approximately 20,000 euros) and delivering them to the Sevastopol site by the end of the summer. It is not clear if these are the dolphins currently believed to be in Sevastopol.

Already in 2020, Information Evidence has emerged that Russia sent trained dolphins to a naval base in Tartus, Syria, during the war in the Middle East. After all, what evidence? Again, 2018 dated satellite images.

But before that, in 2019, a White whale, Or Beluga, was discovered by a Norwegian ship wearing a saddle that reads “Equipment from St. Petersburg”. Norwegian experts consider it to be an animal trained to spy by the Russian navy.

The white whale in the Norwegian seas may be a Russian spy weapon

Following the news, Colonel Victor Barnets denied the allegations in a statement to Russian television station Govorit Moscow:

But we have military dolphins, we use them for war roles, and we do not hide it. In Sevastopol [na Crimeia] We have a center for military dolphins, trained to solve a variety of tasks: from analyzing the seabed to protecting part of the water, killing foreign divers, and planting landmines on the cruises of foreign ships. ” Quoted him The BBC at the time.

In turn, during the Cold War, the U.S. Navy used the echo location of dolphins to detect mines and other objects that could endanger the lives of fighters.

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