“We will not sacrifice our basic principles.” Biden says there is still “room for diplomacy” to prevent an invasion of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden said that the White House had come up with “firm ideas” to establish a “safe environment in Europe” and that “there is still room for diplomacy to prevent the expansion of the Russian military in Ukraine.” Speaking at the White House in Washington, D.C., Joe Biden said, “Diplomacy is the best way for all parties.”

“We will continue our diplomatic efforts, with close consultations with our allies and our allies. As long as there is diplomacy to prevent suffering and the use of force, we will continue to do so,” he stressed in a non-judgmental speech to the media.

According to the head of state, the United States has proposed “new weapons control measures and new measures to establish stability maintenance,” which warns Russia of possible US intervention.

“We will not sacrifice our basic principles. Nations have the right to their territorial sovereignty and the freedom to choose their own path. Choose the environment in which they want to live, ” he said.

Joe Biden said the Russian Defense Ministry had said that some military units were abandoning their borders with Ukraine, but that there was no “consistent evidence.”

“The Russian Defense Ministry has said that some military units are abandoning their positions in Ukraine. That would be a good sign… We have not checked it regularly yet, there is no consistent proof of this yet. Our Embassy [norte-americana] That fact must be taken into account. “

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