War in Ukraine. Children taken from the front lines at Zaporizhia

Total “54 children and 67 people accompanying them had to be evacuated“Inside “Kulipol, Stepnokirsk, Preprachenka, Yegorivka and Novopavlivka”The Ukrainian ministry said in a statement published on the social network Telegram.

Since the beginning of the conflict, evictions have been relatively rare in Ukraine, but the decision was made “unanimously” at a meeting of local leaders, and this does not apply only to children.

“In addition to children, the mandatory repatriation will also apply to persons with reduced mobility residing in the above locations”Read the press release.

The announcement comes as Kiev announced earlier this Tuesday that it had advanced near the village of Robotin in the south-east of the regions affected by the evictions.

The future of Ukrainian children is compromised

Ukraine’s war and deportations put the future of new generations at risk. The warning issued this Tuesday, from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), is It estimates that more than six million young people are affected by the protracted conflict.

Ukrainian youth “Show common signs of knowledge loss in the domain of Ukrainian language, reading and mathematics”The Fund’s regional director for Europe and Central Asia, Regina de Dominicis, said after a visit to Ukraine.

Both children who remain in the country and those who are forced to leave face serious difficulties in accessing education and learning.

In the country, they face destroyed infrastructure and insecurity. “More than half of them are not enrolled in a school system” in host countries. That means “because of language barriers, transportation difficulties or congestion in local institutions.

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“In times of crisis or war, schools are more than a place of learning”, observes the UN agency.

School plays a fundamental role in the lives of conflict-affected children, who are often forced to face loss, displacement and violence.

That’s because it gives them “a sense of routine and security, the opportunity to make friends and help from teachers,” UNICEF stresses. This often gives them access to better nutrition, vaccinations and other assistance.

According to UNICEF, approx 300,000 Ukrainian children are at risk of losing access to education next school year.

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