Ukraine. North Korea has criticized European countries for sending fighter jets

“OhThe US took an ambiguous position on the delivery of fighter jets, under the pretext of not escalating the war, but succumbed to the process of delivering F-16 fighters from a ‘counter-counter’ operation. Ukraine’s attack caused numerous casualties and destroyed Western weapons,” North Korea’s official KCNA news agency said.

North Korean officials, through the North Korean Institute of International Studies, asserted that the move was “shameful” and showed the West’s intent “to inflict a strategic defeat on the Ukrainian battlefield at any cost to Russia.”

The delivery of fighter jets is an act against peace that will provoke protracted war and completely destroy regional peace and stability, underscoring that the delivery of these fighter jets is a major step towards a nuclear war against Russia. “.

They reiterated that Washington is “clearly” the “arch-enemy of preventing a peaceful solution” and pushing Europe toward nuclear war and “inciting its followers” to provide a wide variety of deadly weapons.

Pyongyang made the comments after Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands pledged to send fighter jets.

Last week, Ukraine’s president announced that Amsterdam would send 42 planes, although Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was reluctant to give an exact figure.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen announced the deployment of 19 planes in three batches.

Oslo, which was the third to make the announcement, has not yet made clear how many planes it will donate, although sources cited by Norwegian public broadcaster NRK said five to 10 were expected.

More than a dozen countries have joined a coalition to help Ukraine acquire F-16s, though most are sticking to training.

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