Ukraine is close as a candidate for the European Union. Costa was alone

While in Portugal, Antonio Costa, in a damage management strategy, arranged a meeting with political parties on Ukraine’s application for membership in the European Union, while in Kiev, Emmanuel Macron, France, Germany, Romania and Italy promised to support the candidacy without reservation. Alone. The European Commission presents a report on Ukraine’s application for membership in the European Union this Friday and the 27 leaders will decide next week whether or not to recognize Ukraine’s candidate status. There should be consensus, it can be closer now.

Given publicly what other countries, including Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and France and Germany, thought, the Prime Minister was highly skeptical of the immediate recognition of candidate status, and his position was weakened by reports in Kiev this Thursday. Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholes. Both leaders announced their immediate support for Ukraine’s position of candidate for the European Union, at the request of Baltic and Poland to decide whether they would do so without the conditions imposed on the Ukrainians. Depends on what they say.European Commission Report. Costa, two days ago, did not go that far, but rather he raised several reservations about the usefulness of recognizing the law.

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