Ukraine: Charles Michael is in Kiev, “at the heart of a free and democratic Europe” – News

Charles Michael announced his trip to the Ukrainian capital in a news broadcast via the social networking site Twitter. Your visit is not on today’s agenda.

“In Kiev, today, in the heart of a free and democratic Europe,” Charles Michel wrote in a statement with a photo taken at a train station in the Ukrainian capital.

It was announced this Tuesday that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will leave for Kiev “in the next few days”.

Pedro Sánchez thus follows in the footsteps of many European officials who traveled to the Ukrainian capital, despite the fact that the country was at war and occupied by Russia.

The first political leaders to visit Kiev in person were Poland, Mathews Moravici, Slovenia, Janez Jansa and Czech Republic leaders Peter Fiala, who traveled privately in mid-March, although they had previously told the EU. .

On behalf of EU institutions, he first traveled on March 31, following the visit of Roberto Metzola, President of the European Parliament, Ursula van der Leyen, President of the European Commission, and Joseph, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs. Borel.

In April, the Prime Ministers of Slovakia, Edward Heger and the President of Austria Carl Nehmer and the Head of Government of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson also visited the Ukrainian capital.

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