The woman says she moves into the tent with her five children and stores “a lot”.

UThe mother-of-five, who moved into a tent and educated them ‘at home’, revealed how the decision has already saved her “a lot of money” and “a lot of stress”.

London Santa, a real estate agent in Jacksonville, Florida, left home with her children and husband in August so they could “build the life of their dreams.”

The family of seven now lives in a tent in the woods, where they grow their own food — and, according to London, the new lifestyle has completely changed his life.

This homeschooling mother shows off her family life on social networking site TikTok. “After three years of planning and postponing, we finally did it,” he said in a video showing the tent.

In another video, London explained that she made the decision to move so she could focus on “healing and raising free-spirited kids,” adding that they’ve already learned a lot about “growing food” and that they “love going on daily adventures.” together.

London added that even though many members of his family thought he was “delusional”, he had no regrets about “following his heart”.

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The woman bought land in the forest through Facebook marketplace, bought tents and moved out of the rented house. Now, the family is saving to buy an RV so she and her kids can “live their best lives” and “travel the world.”

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