The video shows the British Defense Minister discussing Ukraine’s nuclear aspirations. The UK says this is Russian manipulation – the Observer

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Were first Fake phone calls, Now the videos have arrived. On Monday, the U.K. He accused Russia of making false calls He warned British ministers that altered versions of what was said in these conversations, posing as members of the Ukrainian government, could be published as part of a misinformation campaign.

We do not have to wait long: a video was released this Tuesday Web light It is said that the British Defense Minister discussed Ukraine’s nuclear ambitions.

The call begins with Ben Wallace in the car, starting a conversation with a man who pretends to be Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Schmidt. Wallace says he’s in Poland, and the caller says, “Oh, well, yes, I know.”

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According to the video, which appears to have been edited, Wallace responded: “Russia hates it.” The speaker emphasizes: “Of course we know, but this is one of the issues we are interested in. If you can help us in this matter, it will be very important. The video ends with Wallace explaining.

The British Secretary of Defense made the request Twitter To confirm that the video is fake: “Things must be going so badly in the Kremlin that they are now looking for fake pranks and videos. They are not the actions of a trustworthy government.

To the newspaper TelegraphWallace said The video of the call was cut and manipulated to remove parts of your answerHe added that the United Kingdom had signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and that it had nothing to do with nuclear proliferation. The minister classified the video as a “total garbage cut”.

His criticisms of Vladimir Putin for invading and annexing Crimea and comments in support of the independent press were published, Wallace guaranteed.

According to The Telegraph, the video was leaked to the account of Vladimir “Wovan” Krasno, a Russian national, who in 2020, following in the footsteps of environmental activist Greta Dunberg, deceived the Duke of Sussex.

Case of fake phone calls Started last week, When the British Defense Minister revealed that he had received a call from an “Emali” who pretended to be the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Schmidt. “He asked a lot of wrong questions. After I was skeptical, I cut him off,” he explained.

The British government spoke to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, who was a Russian cheater

According to the Telegraph, during the phone call, Wallace, the alleged Prime Minister of Ukraine, agreed to meet with Microsoft groups, whom he had never met. When a person who appeared in the video conference began to ask questions about the security of the country, that is, the possibility of sending British warships to the Black Sea, the Minister became suspicious of the situation. “Eight or nine minutes later” he hung up the video call.

A few hours after Wallace revealed, A similar complaint was made by the former Home Minister. The Telegraph pointed out that there was also an attempt to call Minister of Culture Nadine Doris. After the trial, The The British government decided that Russia was behind these fake phone calls.

The UK has blamed British ministers for Russia’s fake phone calls

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