The Pope: Sharing the Gift of Diversity in a World Divided by Selfishness

Francis welcomes the Sons of Charity and the brothers of Saint Gabriel, recommending the first group to look at the cross and the wounds of the poor, as did Maddalena, the founder of Canossa, and the second group to respect the diverse internationality that distinguishes the order. : Unity Sacrifice, Reconciliation, Fruit of the Spirit, Makes People Grow

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Hear and share the voice of Pope Francis

Pope Francis met with the Canosian Sons of Charity and the Brothers of Saint Gabriel in Sala Clementina at the Vatican on Monday morning, April 29, to address their general chapters and birthday celebration. Its founders are Saint Magdalene of Canossa for 250 years and Saint Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort for 350 years respectively. The pontiff re-read their experience in the light of contemporary times, often marked by “selfishness and individuality”: diversities, said the Holy Father, are precious gifts to be shared.

Public chapters, synodal events free of charge

For both religious orders, the Pope recalled the importance of not only “family” events, but also church events and “salvation” events, true “synodal events”, quoting Blessed Bronio.

Moments of grace, the chapter is a moment of grace, first, obeying the action of the Holy Spirit, remembering the past with gratitude, paying attention to the present – listening and studying each other are the signs of the times – and looking to the future with an open and hopeful heart, personal and social validation and renewal, that is, the past, Towards the present and the future, they enter a chapter. Council

Audience of the Holy Father to the participants in the General Chapters of the Sons of Charity and the Brothers of Saint Gabriel (Vatican Media)

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Religionists are not “firefighters”.

Francis admitted a regret, and did so in a humorous tone to highlight his message, starting from the theme chosen by the Gnosians for their reasoning: “He who does not burn does not burn”.

It saddens me to see religious people who set fires more than men and women. Please don't be firefighters; We already have several.

Look at the cross and open your arms to the little ones

Recalling that the Canosians are in seven countries, from ten nations, and that the Canosian Sisters help them with an increasingly active and engaged lay reality, the Pope urged them to “see the courage of the founder who worked in a less difficult world than ours”, “to know and love Jesus, he Unloved because unknown”.

Saint Magdalena showed them how to overcome difficulties: their eyes turned to the cross, to care for, educate and serve the little ones, the poor and the sick, our brothers with joy and simplicity. When the road gets tough, do as she did: look at Jesus crucified, look at the eyes and wounds of the poor, and little by little, you will see the answers enter your hearts with increasing clarity.

Use courage

In the chapter, the São Gabriel religion reflects on the theme “Listen and act with courage”. At these words the Pope stopped, emphasizing in particular the courage with which he spoke: “that apostolic parhaesia”. It is that courage that “we read, for example, in the book of Acts. That courage. The Spirit is there to give us that courage, and we need to ask for it.

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There are two attitudes that best reflect the spirit and action of St. Louis Maria and Father Deshayos—listening and courage—that require humility and faith. “Cross” – engraved on the heart – and “Mary”. “Only God”, “Cross” – engraved on the heart – and “Mary”.

International is good for apostles

The Brothers of Saint Gabriel, with more than a thousand religious, are involved in pastoral care, human and social development and education – especially in support of the blind and deaf – in 34 countries. Francis reiterated that it is the Holy Spirit who creates reconciliation because he is its “master”. And, the Pope emphasized: “Unity in a religious institution, in a diocese, in the body of the laity! Diversity in unity makes people grow. Don't forget it. Diversity in unity.” Hence, the call to be prophets of welcome and integration:

Providence has also given you the richness of a diverse internationality: it is good for your growth and your apostolate if you know how to live it by creatively welcoming and sharing diversity among yourselves and with all.

Audience of the Holy Father to the participants in the General Chapters of the Sons of Charity and the Brothers of Saint Gabriel (Vatican Media)

Audience of the Holy Father to the participants in the General Chapters of the Sons of Charity and the Brothers of Saint Gabriel (Vatican Media)

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