The famous Colonel criticized the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Russian state television: “We must be prepared to lose this war”

Jose Millhause and Nuno Rogeiro this Tuesday reviewed an interview with “the most famous colonel”, Mikhail Kodaryonak, a Russian military analyst and expert on anti – aircraft missiles. According to SIC commentators, the colonel left warnings to Russia that Ukraine has the capability to arm one million people.

He said: “We do not have the capability to oppose Russia or defeat more than a million armed men. (…) They are more motivated, well-prepared and well-trained than ever, “Nuno Rogero translated.

On Russian state television, Mikhail Kodaryonok said that Russia could lose the war and that the world was against Putin’s regime.

However, Jose Millhaus believes that the statements of the famous Russian colonel “will not change the mood of the Russians until the coffins in Russia begin to appear significantly”.

Regarding the fate of the Azovstal soldiers, who were evacuated from the premises in Mariupol on Monday and taken to Russian-controlled areas, Millhause said Russia would try to “roll up the process” and “keep the Ukrainian army.” The SIC commentator took the words of the Kremlin spokesman, who said that international law would be complied with and warned: “There is a law in Russia that gives priority to domestic law over international law”.

In turn, Nuno Rogeiro did not believe that Russia could easily take the decision to violate the agreement. “Russia will not be too interested in satisfying a hatred and losing something that can still be gained in the process.” He said Russia had been “strongly warned” by the United States that an attack on troops in Azovstal would “have unprecedented consequences.”

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