The Eiffel Tower was struck by lightning during a storm. Pictures

NoAt a time when bad weather is wreaking havoc in some French regions such as Normandy, and dozens of sectors are under yellow or orange warnings due to storms, Paris has been battered by rain and thunderstorms.

Last night, a storm hit the French capital and the most observant took the opportunity to record a rare moment.

Just like what happened with the Empire State Building in New York, the Empire State Building in the United States, or the Cristo Rey in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, France’s most famous monument was struck by lightning around 3:30 a.m. .

The moment was captured by Bertrand Kulik, who shared the images on social media.

Not just this time, but before, Twitter users recorded the storm’s arrival in Paris with pictures shared last week.

Already this Sunday afternoon, today’s recorded photos were re-shared. “Another tower hit today,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to the monument’s website, the Eiffel Tower was struck by lightning. Five times a year on average. The phenomenon may be surprising, but those responsible warn that it is not dangerous to the structure of the building.

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A press release issued by Météo France this Sunday morning warns of the possibility of violent storms with hail and strong winds this afternoon and evening in Normandy, Ile-de-France, Hauts de France and the southwest.

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