Sunday Celebration of the Word of God, January 21, at St. Peter's Basilica, presided over by the Pope

During the ceremony presided over by the Pope, lay men and women from various countries will be given the ministries of Reader and Catechist. A “year of prayer” is expected to begin in preparation for the 2025 Jubilee.

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The celebration of the Fifth Sunday of the Word of God, instituted by Pope Francis on September 30, 2019, will take place on January 21, 2024. The motto of this version is taken from the Gospel of John: “Abide in my word” (John 8,31). On Sunday, January 21, at 9:30 a.m. Italian time (5:30 a.m. Brazilian time), the Pope will preside over a Eucharistic celebration at St. Peter's Basilica. Mark will present the Gospel to those attending the Mass who must know the Holy Scriptures.

The ministries of reader and catechist are given to the laity

During the celebration, the ministries of reader and catechist will be given to lay men and women, specifically two will receive the ministry of reader and nine will receive the ministry of catechist. Lay believers represent God's people and come from Brazil, Bolivia, Korea, Chad, Germany and the West Indies. Mass will be broadcast live with commentary in Portuguese via our website and our YouTube and Facebook channels.

Free liturgical-pastoral allowance

Dicastery for Evangelization The Department for Fundamental Issues of Evangelization in the World Commissioned by the Pope to promote the event, a free liturgical-pastoral grant is available online, useful for living the word of God and for community, family and prayer. personally. This year the text, available only in digital version, can be downloaded online at in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Polish. A tool that offers proposals to encourage a deeper encounter with the Word of God in community, family and daily life, including articles, meditations, texts for worship and pastoral counsels.

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“Year of Prayer”

On Divine Word Sunday, the Pope is expected to officially establish a year of prayer in preparation for the 2025 Jubilee. After encouraging reflection on the documents and studies of the Second Vatican Council in 2023, Pope Francis by will will dedicate 2024 to rediscovering the center of prayer in dioceses around the world.

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