Several people died in the shooting in Hamburg

“A major police intervention is currently underway in Ulsterdorf”A district in the north of the city has been confirmed in this way by the Hamburg police through the social network Twitter.

“According to initial reports, the firing took place at the church on Deelboge Street. Many were seriously injured and some died miserably. We are in place with a large force,” the officials wrote.

According to the newspaper Build, At least seven people died and at least eight others were critically injured in the shootingThursday night happened at a Jehovah’s Witness center.

“All casualties involved gunshot wounds”However, a police spokesperson stepped forward.

Several streets have been closed and people have been advised to avoid the area. Local residents were told to stay at home and use their phones only in cases of “absolute necessity” to avoid overloading the network.

The local police added that, so far, There is no reliable information about the reasons for the shooting. “We request people not to share unproven assumptions and not to spread rumours,” officials asked people.

Hamburg Mayor Peter Tzentscher has already responded to the incident. “My deepest condolences to the families of the victims. Police are working at full speed to identify the culprits and clarify their background,” he announced.

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