Russian celebrities have destroyed channel bags against russophobia.

Many Russian celebrities accuse the channel of being a rhetorician and destroying luxury bags in protest. The brand has closed all stores in the country and does not allow the sale of goods to Russians anywhere in the world.

“If owning the channel means selling my homeland, then I do not need the channel,” said a Russian TV presenter who used social media to voice his opposition to the brand.

When the war broke out in Ukraine, the French hot coach brand Closed all stores in Russia and banned the sale of its products to Russians In other countries.

These luxury items can only be purchased If they provide proof of residency outside Russia And sign the document they take that the product should not be taken to the country.

Russian celebrities’ response to the channel

“I say no to the channel. They are forcing me to sign a disgraceful document forcing me to leave my homeland in favor of their brand. I am anti-russophobia and anti-national. To prove that I’re serious, I’m going to cut this bag. I do not need it anymore.”

The The movement spreads among digital influencers, models and actresses Tried to make purchases abroad, but when they issued a Russian passport, the sale was denied.

However, the channel has already explained that it is only cooperating with sanctions imposed by the European Union.

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