Russia Could Seize Baltics In Seven Days, NATO's Response Will Be 10, Ukrainian Official Warns – Executive Digest

Russian forces could capture the Baltic states in seven days, while NATO's response would take about ten days, Major General Vadim Skibitsky, deputy head of the Defense Ministry's military intelligence agency HUR, warned in an interview with The Economist on Friday.

According to him, the biggest unknown in the war is Europe: according to the Ukrainian official, if Ukraine's neighbors do not find a way to increase defense production to fight Russian aggression, they will end up in Russia's eyes as well.

Skibitsky assured that Russia's new offensive was aimed at capturing the rest of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Looking ahead, the Kremlin is preparing for an offensive around the northeastern regions of Sumy and Kharkiv, with the official suggesting the main offensive could begin in late May or early June.

Russia's troop group around the border of Kharkiv Oblast currently numbers 35,000, but is expected to expand to 50,000 to 70,000 soldiers, according to the major general. While this may not be enough to capture a large city, it may be sufficient for smaller missions, he clarified: “A quick in-and-out operation: maybe. But an operation to capture the city of Kharkiv or Sumy is on a different order.

However, Ukraine is resisting, and according to Vadim Skibitsky, the bravery and sacrifice of Ukrainian soldiers gave Europe many years of benefits, removing the immediate threat of Russian airborne troops and marines for at least a decade. “We will continue to fight. We have no choice. We want to live. But the outcome of the war does not depend on us alone”, he concluded.

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