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John F. Kennedy's son-in-law, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced this Tuesday as the vice-chairman of his independent candidacy for President of the United States, Nicole Shanahan, the richest lawyer in Silicon Valley and ex-wife of the co-founder of Google.

“We can do this. It's possible,” declared Nicole Shanahan, her first candidate, at a rally in Oakland, California, for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said it restored his faith in American democracy.

Son-in-law of former Democratic president John F. Kennedy and the assassinated 1968 Democratic nominee Robert F. Kennedy's son, Robert F. Kennedy appeared in national polls with 14% to 16% of the vote.

“The vision we share is one of national healing,” Shanahan declared, pledging diplomacy.

The highlight of the rally, which lasted for more than two and a half hours, was the important stand of the candidates for vaccines against Covid-19, chemicals and pesticides in food and anti-pollution for pharmaceutical and agri-food industries. Soils and water bodies in the country.

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“One of the centers of my philanthropy is the problem of chronic disease,” said Nicole Shanahan, citing the crisis in reproductive health, the explosion of autism diagnoses (including in her young daughter) and the effect of industrial pollutants, microplastics and “perpetual chemicals” that “affect global health.”

This fight was done by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. cited Shanahan as one of the main reasons he chose him.He devoted his own career as a lawyer to fighting for Monsanto and environmental causes.

“I want a vice president who shares my passion for healthy, chemical-free foods and good soil,” the candidate said. “I found the right person.”

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This choice was justified with the need to streamline and regulate technology and artificial intelligence in the fight against the interests of big pharmaceutical companies.

“Nicole will stand up against Silicon Valley, which she knows inside and out,” said Robert F. Kennedy Jr. assured, noting Shanahan's humble appearance.

The daughter of a Chinese mother and an Irish and German father, the 38-year-old candidate spoke in her speech about a childhood marked by economic uncertainty.

“We can't survive without food subsidies and government assistance”, he said, then highlighted that he is rich without giving up his looks.

“I never forget that the purpose of wealth is to help those in need,” he said, leading to widespread applause from the audience.

Kennedy, the heir to a political dynasty in the United States, criticized the bipartisan election in subsequent elections, saying neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump understood the implications of artificial intelligence and were unable to deal with “an oligarchy of billionaires.” Dominating technology..

“Seventy percent of Americans don't want to choose between Trump and Biden, the lesser of two evils.”Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said. He felt that alternating the presidency between Democrats and Republicans not only did not solve the country's problems, but made them worse.

“Our campaign SpoilerI accept that,” he said, citing fears among Democrats — his former party — that a third candidate would sway Biden's vote and help elect Trump.

“That's one Spoiler To President Biden and Trump. It is a Spoiler For the war machine, for Wall Street, for big agriculture, tech, pharmaceuticals, media companies, corrupt politicians and corporations,” he opined.

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“Bobby! Bobby!”, said the candidate.

Promising that “we will assemble an unstoppable coalition of homeless Democrats and Republicans,” Kennedy concluded by asking voters to refuse to “vote out of fear.”

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