Putin is “angry” at the evolution of the war, but he should not surrender at any time and double the troops in Ukraine – observer

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Vladimir Putin was “angry” at the evolution of the conflict in Ukraine. The Russian president considered the neighborhood “weak” and “easily intimidated,” but he was “disappointed” by the opposition of the Ukrainians and the support of allies. His plan a “Fast, decisive and low cost success” In the territory of Ukraine, one can never wait for the “impact” of sanctions.

According to information learned from Politico US intelligence, Vladimir Putin is expected to “double” the military presence in Ukraine For Achieve the ultimate goal: Set up pro-Russian regime in Kiev. However, that purpose will be “particularly challenging” due to the uprising of the Ukrainian people and the sanctions experienced by the Kremlin.

Still, Russia’s initial strategy “continues”, But faces difficulties because the Russian Armed Forces already have “serious shortcomings”. However, Vladimir Putin is unlikely to back down, and will bet on continuing hostility – even if more troops are sent. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

However, Vladimir Putin was not expected to surrender at any time. US intelligence has warned that the Russian president could double his military presence in Ukraine. The only factor that can distract Putin is the opposition (or lack thereof) of the Russian people.

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In the area of ​​sanctions, the Russian president hoped that, according to the CIA, he would find less conflict from the international community. He anticipated sanctions when he measured the risks of invasion. Vladimir Putin never expected the commitment of the United States and its allies to allow the Kremlin. In addition, many private companies have ceased operations in Russia, mainly oil companies, something the Russian head of state did not expect.

For US intelligence services, The Russian president is adamant that “Russia can defeat Ukraine militarily.”, Despite the difficulties he feels this time. Moreover, he wants to prevent the West from entering the conflict that will lead to victory for Ukraine. Therefore, Vladimir Putin made threats using nuclear weapons after entering the conflict.

As he increasingly covers himself and dominates the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin will remain determined to “dominate and control Ukraine” and remain “dissatisfied” with Europe. The Kovit-19 epidemic has brought the Russian president even closer to the circle of his advisers, who, according to intelligence services, say the most important thing is that they “did not question their views.”

In a decision that would only be considered by him, Putin was based on “the number of speculations”. Not only does he regard Ukraine as a “weak” country in military terms, but he also believes that the Europeans are “safe” and “distracted by the elections in France and the German heirs.” “I was wrong, conflicts these days prove it”The US intelligence services decided.

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