Prices of new cars will increase from July. How will new EU regulations affect your wallet? – Executive Digest

Next July 6 is an important date in the automotive industry: on that day new European regulations come into force, requiring cars and commercial vehicles sold on the continent to include seven new driver assistance systems as standard.

According to the Spanish publication ‘El País’, and according to data from the ANFAC manufacturers’ association, 62% of vehicles sold in the neighboring country already incorporate intelligent speed assistance – 80% of new vehicles include an emergency braking system and 85% change to an unintentional lane change warning.

But from July 6, new cars will have to include a rear camera with cross-traffic detection, emergency braking lights, anti-start breathalyzer and a sleep and inattention monitoring system. Finally, the so-called black box, which records data such as speed, braking and curves, useful information for investigating potential accidents.

With this new technology, the question arises whether the price of cars will go up.

If you take into account that most cars already incorporate these safety systems, new models should not see an increase in their prices.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the consulted brands did not expect a price increase from July, the mandatory integration of these driving aids in new cars. Some manufacturers, a minority, have revealed that they will increase their prices in the future, but not because of the integration of these new technologies, which are already standard in their vehicles.

These technologies are not the only ones the EU is imposing on manufacturers to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Therefore, any vehicle approved from July 2024 or registered in the same month of 2026 must already have two new components: an automatic braking system for pedestrians or cyclists and a driver’s distraction assistant.

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