80 bodies found in three mass graves at Shifa Hospital in Gaza – News

The hospital was the scene of an Israeli military operation that lasted more than a week in April.

Bodies were also found in apartments surrounding the hospital, which were completely gutted and unserviceable, spokesmen for the two institutions said today.

The Hamas-controlled Gaza government says it has found more than 520 bodies in seven mass graves in recent weeks based on hospitals occupied by Israeli forces.

The Israeli military has carried out massive raids on these hospitals on several occasions, most notably in April, when they were used by the Islamist movement Hamas as a hideout and regrouping base.

“A virtual examination of the bodies exhumed from the mass graves showed that most of them belonged to patients who had no access to health care,” the civil defense said.

The source said the mass graves in the courtyard of the Shifa compound contained bodies and decapitated heads that had been mutilated by military vehicles.

Since October 7, the Israeli offensive has killed 34,971 Gazans and wounded 78,641, with 10,000 bodies still missing under the rubble, according to the Gaza Strip’s Ministry of Health.

The Israeli army continues its offensive in Rafah, today ordering the evacuation of more neighborhoods in the east and center of the city, and resuming its military operation in Jabalia in the north, where it also ordered the evacuation of civilians. The people faced with the reunification of Hamas.

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