Presidents of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on their way to Kiev. The German Chancellor will then go on to deliver heavy weapons – News

In one of the publications posted today on the social network Twitter, the exterior of the Ukrainian train passenger car is shown, but without further details about the trip.

“We are visiting Ukraine to show our strong support for the Ukrainian people. We will meet with our dear friend President Zhelensky,” Estonian President Alar Carris said in a statement.

The trip will be attended by Polish President Andrzej Duda, Lithuanian President Kidanas Nouseda and Latvian President Egles Levitz.

The visit follows a meeting between TUDA and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Warsaw on Tuesday. Zhelensky from Kiev said his intention was to attend the visit, but that his presence was unnecessary.

Steinmeier himself later, in front of the media in the Polish capital and his country, explained that the denial was reported from Kiev, and he regrets it.

The purpose of today’s visit of the four leaders is to show “European solidarity” with Ukraine, the sources of the Polish president were quoted as saying by the Efe news agency.

The President of Germany went to Kiev to resolve the supply of heavy weapons

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes is expected to travel to Kiev to make “practical decisions,” a statement from Ukraine’s adviser on the possibility of providing heavy weapons to Ukraine in the face of a Russian offensive.

“The president [Volodymyr Zelensky] Waiting for the Chancellor [alemão] To make immediate practical decisions, including the handing over of weapons, ”the adviser, Oleksiï Arestovitch, explained in a statement to the German public television channel ZDF.

He stressed that the fate of Mariupol and the population of the eastern part of the country “could provide German weapons, but not yet arrived.” “Discuss the Supply of Heavy Weapons”.

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Berlin has already supplied Ukraine with defensive weapons, but Olaf Scholz has been pushing for days to authorize the use of offensive equipment, especially armored vehicles, even within his parliamentary majority.

The foreign and economic ministers, two of the most influential figures in the government, asked the president to speak in support of these distributions.

“Every minute that passes without a tank coming, more and more of our children die, are raped or tortured,” Aresovich said.

German officials saw “terrible pictures” of the conflict, which, according to the adviser, were reminiscent of the Berlin devastation of 1945: “what the Russian military is doing in Ukraine is no different.”

The reports come in the wake of tensions between Germany and Ukraine, following the refusal of President Gelensky to meet with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Tuesday, who wanted to travel to Kiev with representatives of Poland and the Baltic states.

The German head of state has been criticized for his diplomatic strategy for good relations with Russia when Angela Merkel was foreign minister.

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