Poland condemns new attempts to cross the border from Minsk

sAccording to the Polish border guard, 54 people, mostly from Yemen, India and Eritrea, tried to cross the Belarusian border illegally on Sunday, pelting border officials with stones.

According to the authorities’ statement published on the social network Twitter, the border crossing in the town of Dubicze Cerkiewne was attacked four times and Melnik twice.

It is not known if the migrants were able to enter Polish soil.

The border between Poland and Belarus is 407 kilometers long.

Since 2021, Poland and the Baltic states have condemned Belarus for using migration pressure in response to European Union (EU) sanctions issued after the disputed and contested 2020 elections in which Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko won a fifth term.

In July 2022, Poland completed construction of a five-meter-high, 186-kilometer-long fence. Despite this, the continued presence of Polish agents, attempts to cross over continued.

After fighting alongside Moscow following the Russian invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24, 2022, the situation could worsen with mercenaries from the Wagner group now based on Belarusian soil.

On Sunday, Alexander Lukashenko assured his Russian ally Vladimir Putin that he would keep the Wagner group in central Belarus, weeks after fighters from the group arrived after a failed uprising in Russia.

“They are asking (…) to go west (…) to Warsaw” already in Poland, Lukashenko ironically told the Russian president, who drew a small smile, AFP reported.

However, the Belarusian president promised to control the situation in Minsk.

“But of course I will keep them in the center of Belarus, as we agreed,” Vladimir addressed Putin.

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