“Everything began to shake”: two buildings in Moscow were attacked by drones

Two buildings were attacked by drones in Moscow, Russia this Monday. One of the targets of an attack that did not register victims would be the Ministry of Defense.

Ukraine has already confirmed that it will carry out a special operation against the Russian capital.

“Experts managed to intercept the attacks and the drones crashed without hitting their targets. No one was injured,” Russian television said of the early-morning attacks on Moscow.

In the south of the capital, where the explosions were reported, there were people who were scared by the attack and continued to sleep.

“Even though the windows were open, we didn’t see anything flying. We didn’t hear any sound,” said Moscow resident Sergey. “I was sleeping and woke up to the explosion. Everything started shaking. It was as if the whole building had collapsed. It was strange that the damage was so minimal,” resident Polina said.

Kiev has already confirmed a special military operation targeting the Russian Defense Ministry itself. The Kremlin says it neutralized the attacks, immediately accused Ukraine of terrorism and said it would continue the Ukrainian offensive.

Cereals are still a current theme

On Ukrainian soil and drones, Russia destroyed two Grain warehousesin Rooney on the Danube near the border of Moldova and Romania.

After the conclusion of the Black Sea Treaty, The affected facilities were considered substitutes for exports of Ukrainian grain.

At the Food Conference in Rome, UN Secretary General Called for an end to the Russian blockade It harms the world’s poor.

Guterres also criticized the destruction of the Odessa Cathedral on Sunday. He expressed concern over the threat of this war to culture and heritage.

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According to UNESCO, since February 24 last year, 270 cultural sites have been damaged in Ukraine, including more than 100 religious sites.

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