Palestinian woman killed by Israeli troops in the West Bank

A Palestinian woman was killed this Sunday by Israeli soldiers in a part of the West Bank for disobeying an order not to approach the army, according to the EFE organization.

The Spanish agency quoted the Palestinian Ministry of Health as saying the woman’s death was announced at de Belem Hospital, where she was taken to an artery in the leg with gunshot wounds, so she “lost a lot of blood”. .

The incident took place in the village of Hussein, near the city of Bethlehem, after the woman approached Israeli soldiers stationed in the area.

“As per the preventive measures, the soldiers opened fire to detain the suspect with a warning fire in the sky,” he said. When he approached the soldiers, he shot himself in the lower body, “said an Israeli military spokesman, referring to the trial.

Death comes at a time of rising tensions in the region

The death comes at a time of heightened tensions in the region following an attack in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian who killed three Israelis on Thursday and several arrests by the Israeli military in Jenin.

A military incursion into a refugee camp in the city of Jenin on Saturday sparked armed clashes between local groups and soldiers and led to the death of a Palestinian member of the Islamic Jihad.

Israeli troops also operated this morning in various parts of the West Bank, where they made arrests and imposed traffic restrictions.

Two of the last four attacks on Israel by Palestinian attackers came from this area, killing 14 people in two weeks.

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