New variant of mixing delta with Ómicron

The world is obviously changing. It is true that the number of victims has increased dramatically, but the number of hospitalized patients and deaths during the same period is very low compared to last year.

Cyprus has recently identified Deltacron, a new type of delta that mixes with Ómicron.

Deltacron has the genetic signature of Ómicron, but the gene of delta variant

To complicate the infection, Cyprus has now discovered a new variant called Deltacron, a combination of Delta and Omigron. As the TSF noted, there are only 25 cases known so far, all of which are in Cyprus. Cypriot experts say it is a new variant that combines the other two most widespread features.

The deltacron has the genetic signature of the Ómicron, but the gene of the delta variant. Identified cases occur more frequently among those admitted to the hospital with Govt-19 than to those with mild forms of the disease.

Experts do not yet have much information about this new variant, and agree that it is too early to tell whether there is cause for concern in the mix of these Covid-19 viruses. However, all indications are that Deltacron may disappear ahead of the highly contagious mutation Ómicron.

Deltacron: A new variant that mixes delta with Ómicron

COVID-19 has caused 5,478,486 deaths worldwide since the outbreak, according to a recent report by Agency France-Press.

In Portugal, since March 2020, 19,113 people have died and 1,639,846 cases have been reported, according to the latest update from the Directorate of Health.

Respiratory disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus, which was detected in China in late 2019. The new variant Ómicron, considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) to be of concern and highly contagious, has been registered in at least 110 countries since November, dominating Portugal.

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