NATO Discusses Cluster Bombs: What Will Happen in Ukraine?

Spain considers that the cluster bombs that the US is going to send to Ukraine cannot be used under any circumstances. oh The Portuguese government also announced Condemns the use of these types of weapons.

Ahead of another NATO summitTaking place this week in Lithuania, The theme is inescapable.

Vilnius was transformed into a fortress to welcome the leaders was born. Eight Patriot missile launchersInstalled at the airport of the Lithuanian capital Point in the direction of Kaliningrad and two others for Belarus.

The summit was held on Tuesday and Thursday War Dominate the meetings.

How to help Kiev?

They were sent Reinforcements, more than a thousand soldiers, military aircraft and anti-aircraft batteries. That’s right Support for Ukraine does not go through an invitation to joinNATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg promised, however, that security guarantees would be discussed.

Despite not publicly agreeing to export arms banned by the Oslo Convention, which brings together 123 signatories, the allies want to ensure Kiev succeeds.

Washington has promised to supply cluster bombs to make up for a shortage of missiles that Ukraine intends to use to breach Russian defenses.

In the front line, trenches with underground passageways allow for a kind of hide and seek. The surrounding area and roads are cut off. Incessant traps for Ukrainian forces.

As soon as they set foot on Ukrainian soil, the five generals Zelensky picked up from Istanbul He expressed his desire to join the front line.

He led the defense of the port of Mariupol during the three-month siegeHeld in mines and bunkers under the Azovstal Steelworks, until surrendering in May last year.

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Moscow released some Azov Brigade fighters in September in a prisoner exchange brokered by Ankara, on the condition that commanders remain in Turkey until the end of the war.

The Kremlin says Turkey has also violated the terms of the deal to release militants. Another 1,900 fighters were captured in Russia, captured at Azovstal.

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