Many Banco CTT customers were left with zero accounts after the computer attack

Several Banco CTT customers were left with no money in their accounts following a cyber attack on a fake page purporting to be the company’s official page.

The bank led by Luis Pereira Coutinho hurt users by several thousand euros, justifying the situation as a “phishing scheme” for which it is not responsible. However, customers claim compensation for losses.

On December 19, while trying to make a money transfer, Banco CTT customer Rosa Fonseca found a current account with zeros and a transfer of 2,600 euros made from a secondary account, including the primary account and the client’s money belonging to her parents.

Another victim, Vanessa, admitted that the situation “had been going on for at least a week and the bank had not sent any communication or warning to customers” or informed them over the phone or over the counter about what had happened.

“There was clearly a security breach”, Vanessa pointed out in her statements to CNN, insisting that Banco CTT did nothing to protect customers.

The banking firm has not recorded any security breaches on digital platforms, indicating that the attack was external to the firm. Within two weeks, several thousand euros were withdrawn from the CTT bank, information that the Public Ministry already had access to and should investigate.

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