Legislature France: Macron’s coalition loses absolute majority, and defeat “bad news”

Emmanuel Macron’s group retained significant seats in the coalition parliament, but lost an absolute majority of 97% of the vote..

Macron’s coalition elected 234 delegates (38.33% of the vote) – far from the required 289 for an absolute majority in parliament. M மெlenchon’s coalition received 124 delegates (31.46% of the vote) and Le Pen’s far-right 89 (17.59%).

The center-right Republican Party has 61 delegates, including the presidential coalition, which needs 289 delegates to form the ruling majority. These parties include the so-called ‘tricks’ of independent candidates: 22 delegates were elected from “various leftists”, 10 from “regionalists” and 10 from “various rights”.

In a first reaction to the predictions released on Sunday evening, The MEP Paulo Rangel, on SIC Notícias’ antenna, acknowledged that “this is bad news” and “a big defeat for Macron”, not because 20 years later the French president said “no is already an established fact”. The majority ”. The President is with you in Parliament ”.

French voters went to the polls in the second round of the Assembly elections this Sunday, surprisingly, with the fourth-highest turnout in the two months since the presidential election, between 53.5% and 54.%. Second Presidential Round Record of 2017 (57.36%). Its value is higher than what was recorded in the first round last Sunday.

The The definitive breakdown of the 577 seats in parliament will be known by the end of the night.

1st round results

According to the final results of the first round released on June 13, the group of Emmanuel Macron! (Knobs), 5,836,116 votes (25.66%). That means only 21,441 votes separate the two coalitions.

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The far-right National Union, led by Marine Le Pen, is in third place with 4,248,600 votes (18.68%), according to French Interior Ministry data.

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