Lavrov: Russia wants to “liberate Ukrainians from oppression”

Lavrov: Russia wants to “liberate Ukrainians from oppression”

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei LavrovThat was announced this morning Kiev Took the path of “russophobia” and “genocide” Russia “Never be indifferent to requests for assistance” from those areas when faced with a “threat of invaders” (ANSA).

The Russian diplomat met with officials from two self-proclaimed eastern republics in the Russian capital. Ukraine.

Donestk and Lugansk Announcing plans to open embassies in Moscow in the future.

The UEFA Champions League final was moved to Paris

The Champions League final, scheduled for May 28 in St. Petersburg, will finally take place at the State de France in Paris. This decision is directly justified by Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Russian tanks entered Kiev this morning

At Ukrainian Armed Forces Warned For residents Obolon Neighborhood. People are asked to stay at home or at home “Make Molotov cocktails” “Neutralize the Occupier”. Were asked however Artillery attack In the area Government buildings.

According to French Foreign MinisterThe “Security“In President of Ukraine Kiev and is under threat from this siege France “is in a position to help you if neededJean-Yves Le Drian, who was interviewed on French Inter radio this Friday morning, accused Putin of “sowing war” and said the ongoing offensive could be extended to Moldova and Georgia.

The FranceThe President of the European Union, meanwhile, announced 27 Interior Ministers Will meet at A Emergency consultation this weekend.

It is considered “Hard day “ Even by the Ukrainian authorities. “The enemy’s plan is advancing Tank columns from Ivankiv and Chernihiv side to Kiev“An adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has stated that he will not comment on reports that Russian troops are advancing on the ground with minimal resistance, and that Russian tanks will be destroyed if” ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) strike “.

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In the accounts of the Kiev government, More than 130 were killed in the first 24 hours of the war, Mostly civilians. The President of Ukraine has said that a coup attempt is underway to overthrow the government.

There are reports that the siege of Kiev is almost over. Military pillars are located on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy The ground effectively seeks international support. “We are alone in defending our nation. Who is ready to fight with us? I did not see anyone. Who is ready to guarantee Ukraine to join NATO? Everyone is scared, ”he told the nation.

The Ukraine Confirmed the loss of control of the exclusion zone of Chernobyl To Russian troops. Workers at the former nuclear plant’s park have reportedly been taken hostage. The arrest information was classified as “credible” by the White House and immediately condemned.

A spokesman for the US president has called for the immediate release of all hostages.

Jen Zaki calls this maneuver “illegal and dangerous” because it disrupts the routine work required to maintain and protect the access facility.

Putin says attacks on civilian targets are ‘compulsory actions’

When he announced the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine, he assured that Vladimir Putin’s aim was not to occupy the country and that the targets would be only the military.

The truth of the first 24 hours belies this intent. Putin guarantees that he was “forced” to change strategy.

“The current situation is compelling. We have no choice,” the Russian president declared.

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Government of Ukraine Issued a general military mobilization order It also ordered all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to stay in Ukraine and defend the country.

Analysts point to evidence of a proportion of military assets between the two countries. The Ukrainians are fighting as one of the strongest forces in the world.

The European Union condemns Russian military occupation and tightens sanctions

The European Union (EU) has announced new sanctions against Russia. This is considered to be the most difficult of the measures taken so far in Brussels. Gathered at an extraordinary European Council, EU heads of state and heads of state united against Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom they consider irresponsible and brutal.

“Vladimir Putin has now decided to wage a war against Ukraine, but he will not win this war because the people of Europe want peace, the rule of law and democracy. And the citizens of Ukraine have clearly demonstrated this,” said German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, who attended the meeting in Brussels.

What are the demands of the European Council on Russia?

  • Immediate cessation of military operations
  • Unconditional withdrawal of all military forces and equipment from Ukraine
  • Full respect for the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine
  • Respect for international law
  • End of misinformation campaign and cyber attacks

What does the new sanctions package on Russia include?

The extraordinary summit of European leaders approved a new set of sanctions on Russia, which worsened the control measures adopted the previous day, following Russia’s recognition of the self-proclaimed secessionist republics of Lukansk and Donetsk. These restrictions include:

  • Department of Finance
  • Energy and transportation sectors
  • Dual-use products
  • Export control and export finance
  • Visa policy
  • Additional lists of Russian persons
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The Council of Europe condemned Belarus’ involvement in the Russian military occupation and called for the speedy preparation of a new set of personal and economic sanctions, including for Belarus.

Are already in PolandMember State of the European Union, First Ukrainian refugees Those who left the country by land, car or train. One Train from the city of Kharkiv in UkraineIn the east of the country, near the Russian border, Arrived in Przemysl, Poland with hundreds of refugees.

Popular protest against Russian aggression

Many Russians did not agree with the invasion of Ukraine Protests took place in the streets of several Russian cities this Thursday night. Vladimir Putin’s regime does not allow protests. About 1800 people were arrested.

On the streets of many European cities, Thousands of people took to the streets demanding Russia to stop the war. The cities of Berlin, Paris, Warsaw, Lisbon and The Hague are also in favor of Ukraine and demanding tougher action against Moscow.

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