Kiev – The video shows Zhelensky visiting war wounded soldiers in the Observer

“A visit for our wounded fighters. Congratulations, folks. I believe: The best gift you can get back is our collective success“, Volodymyr Zhelensky wrote while releasing the captured video in Kiev. The Ukrainian leader also appears to be distributing medals to some of the patients admitted to the institution; Selfies With some prisoners.

In the comments, followers of the President of Ukraine on social networks Appreciating the gesture, he highlighted the importance this visit would have had for the troops Sick. Additional photos of Zhelensky’s conversation with militants and health workers were later released on the official account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Official evidence of the Ukrainian presidency was revealed this Sunday At least 1,300 nationals have already been killed during Russia’s invasion. There are not always funeral rites for these militants or civilians who die as a result of the attacks: in cities such as Mariupol, for example, mass graves are dug to bury Ukrainian victims. The corpses of Russian soldiers are often left on the streets and used as food for animals.

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