Italy’s prime minister has separated from her husband after he made sexual assault comments

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni announced her separation from journalist Andrea Giambruno on Friday. “My relationship with Andrea Giambruno, of almost ten years, ends here,” the Prime Minister wrote on social media. The announcement comes hours after a satirical TV show (Stricia la noticea) to broadcast Giambruno’s frank comments to female colleagues.

Reports were made by Andrea Giambruno, According to the BBC, off camera. In the comments, the host can be heard saying to a colleague: “You’re so smart… why didn’t I meet you sooner?”. The TV host brags about a boyfriend. “We know everything,” he says, referring to the TV station he works for. “Now you know,” he says.

A month earlier, the TV presenter had already made sexist comments about the rape wave taking place in southern Italy. “If so [as mulheres] If they avoid getting drunk and passing out, they can also avoid getting into certain problems, because that’s where the wolf can be found.

When Giambruno spoke about the women’s behavior, Meloni defended him. The Italian prime minister said his ally’s words were misinterpreted.

Taking to social media, Georgia Meloney distanced herself from her ex-husband’s behavior. “Our paths have parted for too long, and the time has come to recognize that.” The couple lived in Rome. Andrea Giambruno is 42 years old and is currently the focus of Rete4’s “Diario del Giorno”. According to the newspaper La Stampa, The journalist will not be presenting the program for the next few days.

“I will protect what we were, I will protect our friendship, no matter the cost, I cannot love myself a seven-year-old girl who loves my mother and who loves her father,” the same publication said. .

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