Israel has announced that Gaza City is completely surrounded


The Israeli army says it has “ended its siege of Gaza City”. The announcement came on Thursday, a week after the start of Israeli ground operations in the Palestinian territories.

“Our soldiers have completed the siege of Gaza City, the center of the Hamas terrorist organization,” Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari told a news conference.

“The concept of ceasefire is not on the table,” the military official added.

Movements within the Gaza Strip intensify

The Israeli army and Hamas have engaged in fresh fighting in the north of the Gaza Strip.

According to a statement by the Israeli forces, which also released a video of what they said were ground operations inside Palestinian territory, Hamas fired anti-tank missiles and grenades at the Israelis, who responded with artillery.

Israel says dozens of Hamas members have been killed in recent fighting.

A day after the bombing of Jabalya refugee camp, at least 195 people were killed and 777 injured, and the search for bodies continues.

UN Secretary-General’s Spokesman Stephane Dujarric said: “The Secretary-General is alarmed by the escalating violence in Gaza, including Israeli airstrikes on residential areas of the densely populated Jabaliya refugee camp that have killed Palestinians, including women and children. All parties must respect valid international humanitarian law, including the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution. Any killing of civilians condemns in the strongest terms.”

A new batch of foreigners and Palestinians with dual citizenship were able to enter Egypt through the Rafah crossing this Thursday.

At least 16 hospitals in the Gaza Strip were out of service due to the blasts, while the injured continued to arrive at Egyptian hospitals.

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According to a recent report by Hamas, more than 9,000 people have been killed (including 3,760 children) and more than 32,000 wounded on the Palestinian side in this war. On the Israeli side, at least 1,400 people have died and 242 have been kidnapped.

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