Hundreds of people take to the streets of Lisbon in solidarity with the Palestinians

Palestinian music chanted, “Palestine shall prevail!” Such slogans were heard. Mariana Mortagua and Paulo Raimundo, leaders of Bloco de Esquerda and PCP, joined the event.

Hundreds of people formed a large square in the center of Lisbon today in a demonstration of solidarity with Palestine, led by PCP and Bloco de Esquerda leaders, including representation, music, speeches and slogans.

In Martim Monis, as already happened in other parts of the country, another day of the week of solidarity with the Palestinian people was held under the motto “Peace in the Middle East”. Free Palestine.”

As the night had already set in, a light rain, a stage truck, lights and speakers, a video, dozens of people accepted the challenge and lay or sat in a large space covered with plastic, many sprinkled with white sheets in red, a reference to the “victims of genocide” in the Gaza Strip.

Around the large square, bystanders displayed banners, Palestinian flags, and posters. “End the occupation. Peace in the Middle East”: “Recognize the national rights of Palestine”, with the seal of Juventude Comunista Portuguesa, the youth of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP); A bold phrase like “Palestine Will Win” or “No to Nazi-Zionism, 75 Years of Genocide.” Liberation of Palestine”

At the meeting, people of all ages, but mainly over 50 years old, many with Palestinian scarves, came to the call of the promotion organizations: CGTP, the Portuguese Committee for Peace and Cooperation, the Movement for the Rights of the Palestinian People and the Peace and Project Noise in the Middle East.

To the sound of Palestinian music, “Palestine shall prevail!” The first chant echoed shortly before the arrival of Mariana Mortagua and Paulo Raimundo, leaders of the Bloc de Esquerta and the PCP, who decided to join the event.

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A Palestinian woman in a traditional wedding dress speaks in English as she pays tribute to a friend she says was killed on her wedding day by Israeli bombing in Gaza, which began the day after a surprise attack by the Islamist movement Hamas. 7 and extended to November 24. The mobilization was announced later, even before the “artistic action” began.

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