Guterres told the U.N. “Stuck in Time” on the Verge of Collapse “A World of Insecurity” at the Hands of Global Governance

The UN has faced the problems facing the world. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stressed the need for a “global commitment” to the world, which to him “seems prohibitive”. But he believes it is fundamental to confronting global threats like climate change, for which rich countries have responsibilities they must not shirk.

“An Unsafe World for All”
President of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres said Russia’s aggression on Ukraine was “evidence” of violations of the United Nations Charter and international law. for not honoring the commitment to peace in the Charter and whose disrespect “created an unsafe world for all”.

“It has unleashed a terrible nexus: lives destroyed, human rights violated, families torn apart, children traumatized, hopes and dreams destroyed,” said the UN Secretary-General.

Antonio Guterres also said The impact of war beyond Ukraine’s borders with reference to the Black Sea Grains Agreement, It is currently suspended by Moscow’s decision, but allowed the export of Ukrainian grain and Russian fertilizer throughout the months of war.

“The world urgently needs to stabilize Ukrainian food and Russian food and fertilizer markets and ensure food security. I will not give up my efforts to make this happen”He promised, and received loud applause from the audience.

At a time when peace and security are more compromised than ever, Antonio Guterres called on states to commit to a world without nuclear weapons: “Nuclear threats put us all at risk. Ignoring global agreements and conventions makes us all less secure. We must not compromise on working for peace.” he added.

The global humanitarian system is on the brink of collapse
Despite the emphasis placed on the war in Ukraine, The UN President did not fail to mention the worrying situation faced by many countries such as Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Myanmar, Occupied Palestinian Territories or Afghanistan.In addition to the systematic violation of the rights of Afghan women and girls, the vast majority of people are in need of humanitarian assistance. “In the face of these growing crises, the global humanitarian system is on the brink of collapse. Needs are increasing and funding is running out,” Antonio Guterres pleaded.

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Antonio Gutierrez explained UN humanitarian operations “forced to make massive cuts”, which is why it urges countries to intensify and finance the “global humanitarian appeal” needed to finance humanitarian aid. “If we don’t feed the hungry, we will fuel the conflict,” he added.
Reforming global governance “stuck in time”

And in his opening speech, UN The Secretary-General advocated the need for strong and effective multilateral institutions and strongly criticized the current global governance, which he considered “stuck in time” for not reflecting “the world” today. [CriticizingtheUNSecurityCouncilandtheInternationalFinancialInstitutionsforreflectingthepoliticalandeconomicrealitiesof1945[1945ஆம்ஆண்டின்அரசியல்மற்றும்பொருளாதாரஉண்மைகளைபிரதிபலிப்பதற்காகஐநாபாதுகாப்புகவுன்சில்மற்றும்சர்வதேசநிதிநிறுவனங்களைவிமர்சித்தல்“The world has changed. Our institutions have not. If institutions do not reflect the world, we cannot effectively solve problems. Instead of solving problems, we risk becoming part of the problem,” he said.

however, President of the United Nations and defender of reform of multilateral institutions, He admitted that “reforms are a question of power” and that the need for change arises against “many conflicting interests and agendas”.Despite the need to address complex challenges that stand in the way.

Antonio Guterres insisted on several occasions It is time to act through “global commitment” and world leaders have “a special responsibility to achieve commitments to build a common future of peace and prosperity for our common good.”.

He pointed to the tragedy in Derna, Libya, as an example of a “sad portrait” of a world full of inequalities and injustices, which left at least eleven thousand people dead and ten thousand more missing. “The people of Terna – victims of the indifference of leaders near and far” – lived and died at the center of this indifference,” he criticized.

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Antonio Guterres’ speech also included gender equality, which he highlighted. “Half of humanity is still waiting for equal rights and equal pay”, Addressing a high-end, mostly male audience. “People” does not mean “men”, he pointed out that fundamental rights are not yet achieved by all.

The speech by the head of the United Nations was preceded by a speech by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who appeared in person at UN headquarters in New York for the first time, via recorded message, after participating remotely last year.

The high-level debate at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly will continue until September 26, with heads of state and government from around the world participating, apart from Russian and Chinese presidents Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. In his absence, the work will continue as planned by the UN, with a focus on the 2030 Agenda’s Sustainable Development Goals and the war in Ukraine.

In the coming days, leaders of Western powers are expected to use their speeches at the UN to reaffirm support for Kiev, which in turn will see Russia, represented by the country’s top diplomat Sergey Lavrov, attack the West. Aid has been provided to Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict.


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