Govt-19: Woman “surprised” by being isolated during a date, stuck in a lawyer’s house

A Chinese woman was forced to spend several days at someone’s dinner after being isolated in the city where the man lived to control the spread of the virus. Govit-19.

He himself told the extraordinary story on the Chinese social network WeChat. The woman, who is only identified as Wang, reveals that it started after her parents arranged several dates for her in an attempt to find a husband for her because she thinks their daughter is “too old”.

During dinner with the 5th attorney, the Chinese discovered that the area where the man lived was isolated due to the number of Govt-19 cases. The man was prevented from leaving the house for several days.

Wang told local media that he had been “stuck” for four days and that the situation was not good. As stated in it BBCIt is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This is not the first time such a story has happened. In December, A Chinese man “caught” being isolated while moving house. At the time, he told reporters he was unable to collect the last piece of furniture in the car and was even prevented from borrowing from neighbors.

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