A patient with a pig heart stabbed a man seven times in 1988

The A man who committed a crime in April 1988 had a second chance at life after surgery.

David Bennett stabbed 22-year-old Edward Schumacher seven times as he sat on the lap of his wife, Norma Jean Bennett, at a bar in Maryland, USA.

The victim suffered blows to the back, abdomen and chest, and was paralyzed until he died at the age of 40, two years after the heart attack. Although he was convicted of assaulting a shoemaker who left him in a wheelchair until his death and possessing a concealed weapon, Bennett did not fully carry out his sentence and it is unknown how long he was imprisoned.

Schumacher’s family was outraged when Bennett learned on social media that he had undergone heart transplant surgery on a genetically modified pig. The Daily Mail reports that Bennett was not eligible for innovative medical treatment and that the victim’s sister, Leslie Downey, “wished the recipient had had a heart attack.”

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